Tournament of Champions - Season 7


We have played the final regular Season 7 game and now it is time for the TOC!  Saturday, May 14th at noon!

Your points earned throughout the season will determine your stack size, and anyone that has played in a regular season game is eligible to play in this championship.

There is already a bonus added to the pot of $1000.  We have collected $40 from each regular season game to seed the pot but there will be a $60 buy in to make it juicier.

 Starting stacks start at 10k and additional chips are determined by points earned throughout the season.  150 chips awarded for each point earned, See chip counts here.(the regular League Score spreadsheet has a new column with chip count)

Tournament structure follows the Big Game structure with 24 minute rounds.  With the chip counts the game usually ends around 8:00.  Top 6 players will be paid and the winner gets a plaque (even Rich finally got his on the wall!) and bragging rights for the year.

It's really important that you RSVP early, both so you have a seat and so we can get set up and bonus chips still apply! So please look for the announcent on facebook and the text and answer right away.

Lunch is included and catered by our lovely and talented Sandra so plan on coming early to get some eats and get bought in.

Game is set for Saturday, May 14th at noon. See game page here

Good luck players!!