wsop1   WSOP Challenge - Season 8


The Big Game WSOP Challenge is on for Sunday May 20th!

 This years WSOP Challenge is set up as it was last year.  This year the structure is set so that all the $20 add-ons purchased during the season at regular season games (and a few off season games) determines the chip stack

For every add-on the player will receive (We upgraded to 1000!!) tournament chips to add to the base starting stack of 10,000t chips.  The prize pool is 

at $19000 but we will offer one additional, optional, $60 add-on for 25,000t chips to build it up a bit more. You can see your current starting stack here.  (Lunch and Dealers are paid for from the prize pool).

Here is the important thing to note for this tournament: The first place winner is being awarded a World Series of Poker Main Event Seat ($10,000 value) and $1000 in travel money.  The first place winner is NOT being awarded $10,000 cash.  This prize also comes with an obligation to play.  A league participant who wins the prize will have the registration into the event purchased for them.  If the league participant makes it to the money in the Main Event, 25% of the payout (after taxes - we will find someone to help advise on the distribution) is to be paid back to the league members based on the number of shares they have in this event.

If the first place winner is unable to enter the WSOP Main Event for some reason, the seat will transfer to the second place winner.

All entrants into the WSOP Challenge will be required to sign the participation agreement outlining the specifics. Please read the agreement HERE 

Tournament structure follows the Big Game structure with 24 minute rounds.  With the chip counts the game usually ends around 11:00pm, though this will be a deepstack game and also is basically a winner take all (top 3 spots get a prize); so it could last a bit longer.

It's really important that you RSVP early, so we can get set up and for bonus chips (as per usual). So please look for the announcent on facebook and text and answer right away.

Lunch is included and catered by our lovely and talented Sandra so plan on coming early to get some eats and get bought in.

Game is set for Sunday May 20th at noon. See the game page here for further details

Good luck players!!